Living with Spirits

Our awakening to the spiritual world opens doors to visitations, the likes of which we have never experienced before. It is seductive, enticing, frightening, and mind-blowing all at the same time. Making sense of what or who is knocking on your door, literally, and metaphysically, can take some doing. Sorting out whom to listen to and interact with takes learning and practice. For those of us who are awakening, I thought I would try to context to the beings you may encounter. 

Having now met, worked with, and banished many metaphysical beings, I can tell you that there is no end to their form, variance in behaviour, or origins.  I believe that we exist and that beings can exist in and across multiple plains, time frames, and universes. Likewise, each of these different plains and universes has their own rules of behaviour and forms of interactions. These behavioural patterns are familiar and in sympathy with our own, we tend to like them. We tend to dislike others due to their incompatible behaviour which causes us difficulties and is unsettling.

I do not work with the concept of good, bad, or evil. I experience and understand beings as being supportive and non-supportive. The supportive, working with us spiritually and vibrating in rhythm with our highest and best, and the others, vibrating out of sync. The out-of-sync vibrations are the easiest to recognize and, as a result, notice, leaving our Angels, Guides, and Guardians to be often overlooked. They are madly trying to be known but are drowned out by spiritual noise.

I understand Angels, Guides, and Guardians to be the same in concept and intention. They are here to guide us in the 3D world. Keeping us from harm, and enhancing our life efforts.  Working to heighten our intuition, support our learning and help us heal. Many of these beings have lived here or experienced a 3D life. They may appear in many forms, not always human, but in our 3D expectations of shape and form. Think animals, insects, feathers, light, sensations, intuition, temperature changes, and energy shifts. 

On the other side of the spirit world, are the hauntings. Haunting is not an encounter with a friendly spirit who has an attachment to a place, object, or even to yourself. They are often harmless and just here for a chat and to hang out. Haunting is when the spirit has not passed over or ventured into our plain and has an overly strong attachment to a place, object, or even yourself.  Spirits can wait many years for someone to acknowledge them.  For everyone’s sake, they need to be passed through or sent back.  The act of sending an entity back or the passing of someone through to the light requires a high level of skill and knowledge.  Please seek an experienced person with this skill set to undertake these tasks.  

The degree of unrest or incompatibility in the spirit or entity dictates the degree of unrest they cause. Your openness to the spirit world and your susceptibility impact their behaviour and your interaction. An experienced spirit master knows that when cleansing a restless spirit or returning an entity to a realm the attraction and attachment must also be broken. Make sure that you cleanse the space after the entity or spirit has been moved for you.  And be aware that if your wish for attachement is not broken, you are open to attracting another entity or spirit.  Do not be seduced by your curiosity.  it might be wise to consider an experienced spiritual master to restrict your spiritual openness. The restriction is only necessary while you learn to master your spiritual connectivity.

Other entities or beings that may appear, might be in the form of characters often associated with folklore; pixies, goblins, faye. They go by many names. Their behaviour depends on you, responding to your intent and the purity of thought. They are often playful, moving things around the house, and waking us up in the middle of the night to play. For the most part, unless provoked they are friendly, although they can be persistent, hard to get rid of, and have many friends. Please do not encourage them into your home.  A Spirit master can help rehouse these creatures. 

A general rule of thumb with spirits or entities is not to accept behaviour from the spirit world that you would not accept in the 3D. Boundaries are boundaries. Please be sure that you do not just move spirits or entities on, send them back, or onto where they should be. Moving them on without the correct destination only makes them someone else’s problem.  This is why I recommend you connect with a Spirit Master to undertake any Spirit or Entity Cleansing.  

Curiosity, a big dollop of common sense, and a Guide or Angel at your side are all you usually need to navigate the spiritual super highway.  Never underestimate the importance of knowing what you are doing.  With Hauntings, don’t risk un-leashed negativity, use a trained specialist.