Soul Journey Academy's Philosphy Embracing Spiritual Connection

I believe that everyone is capable of spiritual connection.  I believe spiritual connection will enhance your life.  Soul Journey Academy is all about enhancing your readiness and perceptiveness to the journey of embracing your spiritual connection.

Your discovery journey is rarely a linear progression nor is not it definitive. It is highly personal and determined by your inheritance, your beliefs and your values. These govern your predisposition to spiritual practices.   Your previous experiences and responses will influence your entry point, path, actions and learning.

This is a self- defining process. A highly intuitive path of discovery which opens with you as you take each step.  I believe, therefore I can.  Change is possible and while the physical is finite, the spiritual is infinite. Without this belief in your ability to change, you can’t change and opportunities presented for enhancing your life, may be missed.

I value the journey, the awakening and embracing of the spiritual connection.   Becoming one with the soul.   I do not believe that our journey is to Master the Spirit or to Master the Soul.  Quite the opposite, we are here to Master our connection with the Spirit and our Soul, in mastering the connection we hand over control to our higher self, our Spirit and Soul.

Nor do I place on set of spiritual beliefs over another.  I believe that what is important is the connection, is the belief that we are equal, that our beliefs should be valued as equally as other peoples.   I do not tolerate, that one persons believe is higher or better than another’s.  When we do this we are not honouring our spirit, soul or higher self.  We are not honoring the divine.  I do not see or understand the Divine or Unconditional love as a point of competition.  When we are in competition we demonstrate our inadequacies and operate from a place of fear and scarcity, the absolute opposite of the Divines’ unconditional love.  

No matter how we define Divine,  as God, Gods, Spirit, Energy or as non existent, unconditional love is shared equally between all beliefs.  It is our short comings and our need to justify our beliefs, and therefore ourselves which drives the need for competition between who is right or wrong with respect to their definition and deference to the Divine.  

I encourage you to walk freely and openly into the path and trust completely that the path you are on, will give you what you need and take you where you need to be.  Just like the path I am on will do so for me.  It is not the path we choose, but how we live that path and our believes within the world.  We choose to love, to explore, to be open, or we choose to be closed, withdrawn and dismissive of what the world can offer.  

Choose the path of light and lightness, it will give you the world.


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