Soul Journey Academy

A Safe, Empowering, Healing Space

You are unique. I get that. I see you.

Unconditional love is the foundation of my relationship with you. I am not here to dictate or judge you or second guess your decisions.  It is all about enhancing your life in a way that gives you inner strength, true happiness, and contentment. I am all about empowering you. Together we can change your life.

Tarot, Crystals, Psychic Messages, Energetic Healing, Reiki, Coaching, these are all tools at my disposal

Regardless of what has led you to me or what you need, I am here to assist and help you. Independent of what your beliefs are, your spiritual understanding, or your spiritual modalities, I am here to help you heal, learn, integrate, grow and thrive. I offer you support, clarity, and hold space so that you can be the very best version of yourself.

Michelle Luehman, Your Spiritual Guide & Healer,

Meet Michelle, your Spiritual Guide, Energetic Healer & Spiritual Philosopher & Adviser

You deserve to be loved and respected.

Energetic & Spiritual Guidance

Providing guidance, knowledge, and structure to your discovery process. I help you reconnect and rediscover the essence of you and the life, the joy, that lies within you. Our purpose is to work to expose the true you. Building a more resilient, affirming you. Stripping back, negating, and removing all the negative behaviours and beliefs we have learnt on the way.

Through me, you access your inner truth. I use a range of practices from Personal Coaching to Spiritual and Energetic Healing, to bring peace and enlightenment.


My psychic & healing abilities are here to help you as an individual in your personal & professional health. Your physical state of wellness is often a reflection of your inner emotional or emotional state. Working with you I can help find and address what is impacting your life. I am a Master Healer, with a great ability to mend the emotional, energetic, and spiritual self

Spiritual Awakening / Soul Journey

I support your transformative journey. Working with our guides, I gently provide insights, helping you to understand more about yourself and your experiences.  I can introduce you directly to your guides so that you can begin your own learning journey. The spiritual journey is a self-defining process. You and your guides decide the next step on your path.


I have the honour of being known internationally as a Meditation Master and Master Teacher in the Vipassana and Mindfulness Buddhist Traditions. I am the only female and foreigner ever allowed, endorsed, and acknowledged as a Meditation Master and Master Teacher in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, by the Lao Buddhist Council. Luang Prabang is a UNESCO-listed city based on its natural beauty, preserved cultural history and it’s thriving Buddhist Monastery Culture. This acknowledgment allowed me to teach Meditation in the Monasteries of Luang Prabang.



I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle in a number of workshops through a local esoteric store, including guided meditation; working with spiritual guides; and shadow work.

Michelle is highly intuitive and clearly a gifted medium. Her ability to ‘read’ people almost instantly is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Her skillset means that progress is felt, even after only one session, because she is able to cut through to who you are and what you’re contending with – even if you can’t! Her no-nonsense approach will get you owning your own ‘stuff’, and she will tell you what you need to hear!

I have walked away from each session feeling like something ‘big’ just happened, and it has always turned out to be what I needed at that point in my life. 


I had an online session with another Healer and since she lives far away she mentioned there was someone close to me that would be able to help me. I googled around but I wasn’t sure and let go of the idea. Suddenly one day I remembered passing by this cute store and I was sure I need to go back there. When I walked in, Michelle was there. At first, I thought a reading was going to calm my heart down. We talked briefly and she asked me if I want to do a healing session and that’s what we did. I cried during the whole healing session. When we finished we talked a bit more and she was so on point but also so caring with her words since she understood how bad shape I was. I left that store and went to my place and that night I slept like I haven’t slept in the last six months. That night, there was no crying, no self-destruction thoughts, no hate just a deep well-needed sleep. Michelle has such a great gift and sensibility and I was definitely impressed. Thank you so much for helping me.


I was at a crossroads and Michelle helped me clarify my true desires and direction through a tarot reading. She also give me practical advice about what skills I would need for the challenges to come in my future. Very insightful. Michelle‘s manner is refreshing and down-to-earth. Michelle performed a clearing at my house after some disturbing experiences, I was nervous about what it would be like but she is warm, professional, and very “non-woo woo”. Michelle has a wealth of experience and training and a good sense of pace when it comes to mentoring in intuition and mediumship.

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I am now living and working in Melbourne, 60 Alexander St, Seddon, 3011. Inner western suburbs, a short 10 min over the Westgate Bridge.

I am very much looking forward to working with you all

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