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  Embracing your Spiritual Connection, Healing & Soul Journey.

On everyone’s journey, we all need a little help now and then.  

Entities, Energies, Spirits & Shadows

For Mediumship services and or products.   Remember to book your Initial Consultation first.   Follow Up Sessions only occur after our initial consultation. When booking the initial consultation, you do not need to know  exactly what you need.  For just this reason, I have priced all the Services at the same price.  It is not unusual to cover a range of topics in the Initial Consultation Session.  The purpose of the session is to determine what is needed and prioritise how and what we work on.  

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Spiritual Wellbeing

At times all of us need a little boost.  The path of the Soul Journey is not a straight line.  There are twists and turns as circumstances and adventures come our way and impact ourselves or our friends & loved ones.  These Elixirs whose sacred formulas have been gifted from the Realm of Universal Consciousness are for those moments which test us. 

Self Protection:  By strengthening our energetic and spiritual energy fields  they provide a barrier to people, places, entities or energies that may seek to harm, interrupt or drain our natural state of wellbeing and balance. 

Universal Love:  Universal Love is a place of universal healing, respite and acceptance.  We do not need to know that something is wrong.  Our higher self does the rest. 

Self Acceptance:  Even though we are born, complete and loved, we can as we journey through life, loose our sense of love of self and our acceptance of who we are.   

Self Belief:   At different times in our life you can feel that you are not enough, that you do not have what it takes to live a full filled life.  You have within you or around you all that you need.   Be the person you are meant to be.

Shift:  At times we can become stuck, in rut, just going through the motions of the same old patterns.  Release yourself. 


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Engaging your Spiritual Connection

For those of us who want to pursue, a connection to the Spiritual Realms, this is for you.  Spiritual Awakening.  We begin, by exploring your connection and your gifts(s).  At each stage, we develop deeper your connection, fine-tuning your intuition and your ability to tap into the knowledge of the Spiritual Realm.  

We learn, heal, and master.

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Developing and Enhancing your Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection -The Enabling Series

  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs:  Evoke, Explore, Enquiry, Empower & Enact
  • Guidance through your Awakening Process

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Elixirs Only,  Guidance Sessions, Elixirs & Guidance Package

Engaged Enlightenment – The Growth Series

  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs: Inspire, Trust, Connect & Evolve
  • Guidance through your Growth Process

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Elixirs Only,  Guidance Sessions, Elixirs & Guidance Package

Path to Mastery -The Ascension Series

  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs:  Self-reflection, Humility, Integrity & Gratitude
  • Guidance through your Master Ascension

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Elixirs Only,  Guidance Sessions, Elixirs & Guidance Package

Infinite Beginnings – The Preceptor Series

  • Channelled Elixirs: Compassion, Insight, Generosity, Gratefulness & Patience
  • Guidance through our new beginning and continued learning

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Elixirs Only,  Guidance Sessions, Elixirs & Guidance Package


For each of the Series, the 5 Guidance Sessions, include an Initial Consultation which is 45 minutes long, then it is followed by 4 sessions of 25 minutes each.   All sessions can be messages, voice or visual sessions. The sessions are valid for 6 months from the time of purchase.  Please keep your receipts and confirmation emails which provide you with the details of the sessions and timings.

Application of the Elixirs.

To enhance the experience we have recommendations for applying the elixir. Begin by applying the elixir directly to the skin using the infinity symbol on the wrist, forearm, chest or forehead. We trust you to follow your intuition with respect to where and how you apply the potion.

Our physical well being can reflect our spiritual state of well being so if you are experience physical pain or discomfort, you can apply the elixir on the skin directly above the area.

The price of all of the Elixir products does not include shipping, this is added at checkout.  Shipping is free in Australia.

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Meditation & Philosophy

Personalized Meditation

Let me build for you, your own personal healing for spiritual developmental meditation.

Learn How to Meditate.
Guided Meditations that teach you how to meditate while you are meditating
Healing Meditations
Rent and listen to a range of healing meditations. 


Philosophy  Guidance

It is not just about talking the talk, but walking the walk, what is spirituality for you and how do you live it in your everyday. 


 Living your Truth by Embracing Inner Truth

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