Terms & Conditions

Every step is taken on ensuring that the individual customer, you, are happy with your purchases.   

Elixirs are wrapped in insulated bags and wrapping to ensure that their are no breakages while they are making their way to you.   Each of the stoppers in the bottle is hygienic and non-allergenic, all of the essences used in the Elixir are pure, organically sourced and high grade, perfectly safe for external application to the skin.   If you do  notice an irritation, stop use immediately.   You can ease the irritation by washing the area thoroughly and  immediately in warm soapy water.  Wash until any feelings of irritation go away.   You can always use Aloe Vera, Paw Paw ointment or any unperformed Gel or creams which are designed to soothe irritations.    If you suffer from skin irritation, you can use the elixir on a hanky or tissue and place it under your pillow or in a garment pocket.

Guidance Sessions are personal and conducted via messenger, visual or voice.  Usually we use Zoom for our calls, but we can use WhatsApp, Facebook, FaceTime, Skype, and within Australia, text and calls.    For each of the Series, the 5 Guidance Sessions, include an Initial Consultation which is 45 minutes long, then it is followed by 4 sessions of 25 minutes each.   All sessions can be messages, voice or visual sessions.  The sessions are valid for 6 months from the time of purchase.  Please keep your receipts and confirmation emails which provide you with the details of the sessions and timings.    Unused sessions can be kept for the 6 months or passed on to someone else, with the original invoice, but they are not refundable. 

General Notices.

Pre-exisiting Medical Conditions. The services I offer are not a replacement for any professional medical treatments, services or facilities which you may have accessed in the past or are using now.   If you are using Medical Services or Counseling services, please let me know so that I can compliment the services that you are using.   I always encourage you to work with your medical or support team.   


The price of all of the Elixir products does not include shipping, this is added at checkout.  All prices are in USD and you can pay in your own currency, using any of the facilities on my site.  Depending on which financial institute you are using, the legal aspects governing purchases and financial institutions within your country, fees and charges may vary upon completion of your purchase.   In Australia, we have a goods and services tax at a set rate of 10 %.  There are no exemptions and this is included in the displayed product or service price.   Shipping is additional and the cost is added at checkout.

Shipping times are dependent on the different services and institutions within our countries.  I use standard shipping as the normal.  If you are looking for an express service, this can be provided at addition cost for postage and handling.

Any problems with the product, please discuss with us first with an email to connect@souljourneyacademy.live


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