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Spiritual Awakening Gifts to help you heal and expand on your  Soul Journey.

Soul Journey Academy is all about supporting you on your journey.  As part of my on-going commitment to  you and your Spiritual Connection, Soul Journey and path I am happy to provide free gifts and guides to help you start, develop or master your Journey.  

The first gifts are part of the Beginners Way, which is an introduction to key concepts and tools to help you explore your own Spirituality.  The secound range of gifts are for Insightful Meditation.  For those of us who use meditation as a spiritual connection tool for self reflection and personal growth.

 I hope you enjoy working with them as much as I enjoyed creating them and gifting them to the universe. 



Beginners Guide to Meditation, Hand Book and Free Facilitated Meditation

This is a free handbook and accompanying mediation which you can use together or separately.  The choice is yours.  Each of them is destined to stand alone and help you get the most out our your meditation practice.  Each one is destined to give you that little more for your efforts.  The handbook has been updated and has had a problem-solving guide added. 

Audio Downloads


Download & Meditate when and where the mood takes you.


If you would like to continue your exploration and learning of Meditation.  You can enjoy additional beginner and more advanced meditations via my SoundWise Channel. 

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Coaching

Awakening the Spirit is a free guide, which provides you with some of the foundation knowledge which you will need to safely navigate The Realm Of Spiritual Awakening.  It is designed to give you enough information for you to feel confident to travel into the Spiritual SuperHighway and the connections that await you on your Soul Journey.

MoonScapes - Videos that help you navigate the impact of the Luna Cycles