Spiritual Awakening – Encountering Spiritual Entities

It can be at times a little disconcerting to discover that you are aware of the presence of ghosts, entities, or energies that are cohabiting in the space that you are in.  As a child we embrace these interactions, as an adult we are skeptical or scared.  If you are reading this magazine, you have kept the magic of the unknown, and am still embracing the discovery of the mystical.  Congratulations, despite being urged to grow up, mature, and face facts, you understood that personal experience is a fact, and there is no need to doubt your personal experience. I am all about embracing the curious and embracing the experience, in this, I validate all of you.  

What I am here to do is to give some guiding advice to keep you safe as you embark on the spiritual path.  Firstly, you need to understand that just like in real life, not every entity or being on the spiritual superhighway has your back.  You need to think about the Spiritual Realm, a little bit like social media, you can not believe all you read.  Likewise, you need to understand that once you start to awaken your innate spiritual ability the word goes out very quickly and every entity and spirit is given a little push notification in their inbox. 

I have little clarification on the language I am using.  I use the word spirit to refer to energy manifestations that have a human form or that have roots in the human plan.   I call entities to be energies from the other realms, not our Universal Realm, both exist on the Spiritual Super Highway.  Spirits have an understanding of our culture, behaviors, and our life. 

Entities from other realms have a different understanding of culture, acceptable behavior, and norms, so you can expect these interactions to be a little more unsettling and unpredictable. 

We only need to worry, when we interact with beings who do not have the same intent as us.  Most experienced teachers and practitioners will talk about intent and the need for you to be clear on your intent when working in the Spiritual Realm.  When our intentions do not align, that is when we can get ourselves into sticky situations and form unhealthy and detrimental connections.  Make sure you are clear on your intent and you will be safe or safer, and unable to manage the outcomes of the mismatching of intent.   Like all relationships, having a great connection with spirits and entities needs to be based on a shared intention, a shared language, clear boundaries, and the capacity to finish the connections or conversation when it is best for both parties.  

In a spiritual context, what is the intent?  And how do we create strong, healthy intentions for our communication? And why does this keep us safe?   Let me briefly explain emotions more that thoughts are our strongest source of energy and vibration.  So having a solid intent that resonates in the heart and mind, sets up a strong energy identity and energy field.  This does two things.  One sends out the right message to the Spiritual Super Highway.  Think of your energy profile as your identity on the Highway.  In addition, it creates a protective energy field around you.  This field lets entities and spirits which resonate on the same frequency, with the same intent, interact with you and keeps the others away or out of your energy field.  You can consider your energy field as your identifier and personal space barrier. 

To have a clear intent, first state with a simple statement, often it is something, please show me my highest and best.  or a question, Are you here for my highest and my best?  Then trust completely your response to the entity or energy.  Does it make you feel safe, secure, and trusted?  Or is it a trickster, seducing you with promises of power, love, and strength?  Those who resonate with you, are there for your betterment.  They are guides and your support team. They have your back and they are honest.  With the Spiritual and Energetic Realm, always trust your gut and be clear on your intent, which then gives their intent clarity.  I had to learn this easy but often overlooked skill the hard way, with some not-so-safe interactions, which had uneasy consequences for me.  Feel free to learn from my mistakes