What is Soul? What is Spirit?

Language is one of our most precious gifts.  It allows us to explore meaning, to create understanding, expand knowledge and enhance our lives.   When we start to explore the concepts of Spirituality and Soul, away from modern Religious Constraints, finding common meaning for these words in a multi-cultural context can be difficult.  Nevertheless it is necessary to create understanding.   Having now discussed, channelled and mused over the different meanings, I have reached a definition for these words and an understanding of the their relationship.

We all have a soul, we are born with a soul.  We are have a spirit and we have an energy signature.  The Soul is our point of definition, our existence, the essence of who we are destined to be.   It is encoded in our DNA and it helps us define our uniqueness.  It is fixed.  Our challenge in life is to live within the soul, it is not to master our souls, but to allow our soul to master us.   The Soul is etherial and exists without the body, but it is tied to the body as this is how we experience our lives on earth.  Without the body, we would not have our earthly existence.  

Our spirit is our earthly expression of the Soul.  It is how we translate our Soul into the nature of who we are.  It helps us determine our life here.  It is how we express our Soul.  The spirit emirates from the soul, and our, spirit, unlike our soul, can be flexible, vulnerable and invincible.   As we progress through life, our spirit experiences what we experience and it can take on board our pain, triumphs and our love.   It is a energy force, which aligns to our soul, it is our true north.  Unlike the Soul, our spirit can take on different forms, the essence remains the same, but the forms change to reflect our state of emotional, mental and physiological well being.   It is the spirit that we work with on this plane to create a life of unconditional love, if you like our higher self.  We can impact the strength of the spirit by how we live our life.

We are metaphysical beings, within a physical existence, and the energy within us, usually expressed by emotions is powerful and radiates out beyond the boy, this is our energetic signature.  It is our emotional radar.  We tend to talk about emotions in absolute terms and demand that life gives us big emotions.  Big happiness, big love, big hurts, but the reality is that  our spirit, our soul, wants us to be stable with our emotional state, not swinging from one to another, but steady within ourselves, so the outside impacts of life we can move across and within   knowing that our core is strong and supports us.  

As an energy our signature moves in front of us, creating the life that we experience.   It is the experience that we are talking about, not the physical elements, but how we experience our life.   Similarly our energy signature can be altered, damaged, blocked, healed and manifested.   And yes, it is when aligned with spirit and soul, alighted with a power of creation and happiness that revolutionises how we experience our life.   To experience fully the life our Soul has envisions for us we must first work with the energetic self, then the spiritual self and then we meet our soul.  

The pathways may vary, your needs may vary, your experiences will definitely vary, but the choices can be the same, to seek a better understanding of who you essentially are and to be happy to express that sense of self at every point of existence.  This is what the soul academy is.  I believe everyone is a spiritual and energetic being, we just need to be open and embrace our potential.    The energetic and spiritual self will challenge you.  They will support you and challenge you.  Your soul will welcome you.   The physical world will respond and embrace you as you align yourself to your Soul.