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Engage your Spirituality & Embrace your Soul Journey

I have been traveling along my spiritual path, happily following my instincts and connecting with some fabulous fellow travellers on the way. Many of these travellers, like me, have worked with others to help them on their journey. All of us have been in the pursuit of happiness, peace, contentment and fulfillment. Not as a passing blessing, but as a state of being. Fully aware and happy to be where and how we are. This is the soul’s journey. It is taking us to how we should be. That space, both emotionally, mentally and spiritually where we are happy in the world. It is as simple as that.

My journey and my awareness, through my spiritual awakening is evolving, sometimes it is a gradual opening, sometimes a burst through of understanding. At other times it has involved forgiveness, healing and love. Every step of the way has brought me greater knowledge, understanding, peace and contentment.  Each stage of learning has opened up new doorways.” 

As I venture on my journey, I have worked with different masters from different cultures.  I have been blessed by people sharing their knowledge and using their skills to develop my abilities.  In the beginning, I was aware of, but unable to harness my spiritual gifts or my spiritual knowledge base. At each step, I explored different ways to make and stay connected. Noting how as I mastered each step, I was offered the opportunity to learn more and embrace more. Now, I offer this to you, with the gift of another great teacher, together we have worked with spirit and brought together our combined learning to create an understanding of the path to spiritual awakening and should your choose, spirit mastery. 

I have traversed my Soul’s Journey over the past 30 years.  Now I am fulfilling the name I was given by a wonderful woman, called The Mother, an early mentor. My spiritual name is Amma Shindi, a beautiful Hindi name which means Mother Temple.  It was a name I was frightened off, how could I fulfill such a big name.   Now I understand it means safe place to learn. My life, both spiritual and physical, has prepared me for this.  My role in my journey and in yours’ is to create a safe place to learn and evolve. Regardless of the path you are on, the modalities or the activities that take you there.  Working with my guides and yours’, we embark on your own sacred spiritual journey.  I am recognised in many different countries as a Master Practitioner and Teacher in Meditation and Energy Healing,  and a gifted Pyshic ( medium).  My path is to awaken the beauty within us all, to help you relieve yourself of spiritual burdens and encourage you in your defining of how you want to express and live your spirituality, your Soul Journey.  As I work with you, so you teach me and together we grow.  For the path we have chosen is infinite. 

Trust & Believe

Spirituality as a State of Being

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