Our Soul Journey is all about you becoming the best version of you.   It is about striping back all of the negative, restricting habits, behaviors and thought patterns that we have accumulate, replacing them with empowering  behaviors.  Exposing the beautiful, personally empowered person that is truly you.  

We are replacing and disconnecting these denigrating harmful interactions with yourself or others to create a life that reflects who are and who you are meant to be at a soul level.  

You and your guides define how we approach the journey.  Each of us are on our own journey, each of us have our own way of connecting with the soul, or the divine, which is our our soul connection.  

Each of us have preferences for how we learn or experience the divine and without judgement, our soul, is open to all of these modalities.  It is a process which slowly reveals itself as you are ready, as you achieve or master, what you need to understand and own.  It is not a race.  It is not a competition.  It is a free flowing form of personal development that will revolutionize your life.

Let the journey begin

Embrace your Spirituality


Soul Journey Academy

Your Journey of Self Discovery & Mastery


Spiritual Coaching for your Soul Journey

On everyone’s journey, we all need a little help now and then.  

The path way we travel on our Soul Journey, is not always as easy and as straight forward as we would like.   It is never as straightforward as we are lead to believe.  It involves healing, acceptance, some loss, breakthroughs and revisions.   We never know when an experience we are given is there to teach us or is simply a diversion.  It can be difficult at times to make our way through what appears to be confusing information and messages.  At times, we can be certain of our path, at other times, we are tired and full of doubt.   I know on my path, that I have had the benefit of some great teachers, coaches and masters.  I now combine our 20 years coaching and facilitating learning all over the globe in the commercial sector with my 20 years of spiritual learning.  To bring to you a unique coaching techniques designed to give you a personalised coaching experience to enhance your learning.

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Four Stages of Development: Enabling, Growth, Mastery & Preceptor 

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Spiritual Connection – The Enabling Series

Listening to Whispers & Understanding Messages
  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs: Evoke, Explore, Enquiry, Empower & Enact
  • Each one with a specific purpose to enhance your Full Spiritual Awakening
  • Guidance through your Awakening Process

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Engaged Enlightenment – The Growth Series

Choosing your Path and Connections

  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs:
  •  Inspire, Trust, Connect & Evolve
  • Each one with a specific purpose to enhance your Spiritual Practice.
  • Guidance through your Growth Process and encouraging you on your learning experience.

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Select Products & Services

Path to Mastery -The Ascension Series

Dismantling our 3D Frameworks

  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs: Self-reflection, Humility, Integrity & Gratitude
  • Each one with a specific purpose to enhance your Growth into Mastery in your chosen fields and modalities 
  • Guidance through your Master Ascension encouraging you on your learning experience.

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Commitment to Infinite beginnings – The Preceptor Series

Guiding the journey of others
  • A specific range of Channelled Elixirs: Compassion, Insight, Generosity, Gratefulness & Patience
  • Each one with a specific purpose to enhance our ability to support and guide
  • Guidance through your new beginning and continued learning

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Mediumship Service

Entities, Energies, Spirits & Shadows




Entities, Energies, Spirits & Shadows 

Entities – Energetic or Spiritual Beings from another plane

Energies – Metaphysical Signatures

Spirits – Ghosts, Guides & the Departed.  All with strong association with this plane.

Shadows – Metaphysical Remnants of departed Entities & /or Spirits.

Mediumship Services

Entities, Energies, Spirits & Shadows*

  • Abolishing Self Limiting Beliefs

Your energetic & spiritual self can be nurtured or injuries by the messages you give yourself.  I help you nurture and heal your energetic & spiritual self, through what you do, say and believe. For purchasing & details: Initial Consultation and Follow up Sessions

  • Cleansing – Personal & Spatial

Removal of energies, entities, spirits and shadows, which do not belong in you  or your space energetically, physically, spiritually.    For Purchasing & Details: Initial Consultations and Follow up Sessions 

  • Insights and Messages 

Tarot, Channelling & Crystals: Communicating with the departed and your guides ( who may be one and the same or not) is an essential part of spiritual growth and your Soul Journey.   I act as your connection and translator.  For Purchasing & Details:  Initial Consultation and Follow up Sessions.

  • Energetic & Spiritual Healing

Just like your physical body, your energetic & spiritual energies can be both negatively and positively influenced by others around you.  I cleanse and restore your energetic & spiritual self.For purchasing & Details:  Initial Consultation and Follow Up Sessions

  • Energetic & Spiritual Monitoring

At times, each one of us can become vulnerable, and if you are not physically able to be their to take care of them.  I can work energetically & spiritually with their guides to help you keep them safe and well.For Purchasing & Details:  Initial Consultation and Follow up Sessions.

  • Energetic & Spiritual Protection

Not everyone is honorable or respectful of your energetic & spiritual self.  I am.  If you are being harmed, either consciously or otherwise by someone who has strong energetic or spiritual strength.  I will intervene directly, via the guide network to block and remove the connection. For Purchasing & Details:  Initial Consultation and Follow up Sessions.



Connecting & Aligning with Self


Eastern Meditation is steeped in philosophy and healing traditions.  To engage fully with yourself, letting go of all conscious perceptions. Trusting completely your higher self, both spiritually and through the soul, is one of the greatest experiences of transformation known to us.   Bringing us closer and closer to the infinite oneness and the vastness of divinity.  This is meditation; removal of all social barriers, trusting completely in the process and releasing your fears. 

Personalised Meditations help you heal, connect, explore and align with the Energetic Self,  Spiritual Self & Soul.  To purchase or explore these products please click below:





Philosophy Sessions

Merging the Heart & Intuition with the Mind


An important part of our spiritual growth, is not just our ability to have connection, but the enabling or enacting of the spiritual path in our 3D world which is our life.  It is not just our ability to understand the concepts, but to apply them, so that they are lived, realised and we can start to refine our understandings.  We have a philosophy of life, some of us are aware of our philosophy, our values and our behaviours, having made conscious efforts to align our spiritual with our physical realities. Others, perhaps, are still grappling with some of the issues that are involved.   

Defining and refining our Spiritual Philosophy into a meaningful life, full of purpose and consistency is an important part of our spiritual journey. In recognition of this, the Academy is offering guidance and coaching session in developing and refining your philosophy.  If you are interested in purchasing the services or require more details please click below:




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Spiritual Wellbeing

At times, regardless of how connected we are, we all need just that little bit of support

At times all of us need a little boost.  The path of the Soul Journey is not a straight line.  There are twists and turns as circumstances and adventures come our way and impact ourselves or our friends & loved ones.  These Elixirs whose sacred formulas have been gifted from the Realm of Universal Consciousness are for those moments which test us. 

Protection:  A grounding mix of essential oils, which act as a reinforcement of our natural ability to protect ourselves.  They strengthen our energetic and spiritual energy fields.  They provide a barrier to people, places, entities or energies that may seek to harm, interrupt or drain our natural state of wellbeing and balance. 

Universal Love:  An opening mix of essential oils and crystals which opens up your connection to The Realm of Universal Consciousness.  They are designed to assist with healing, acceptance, truth, amending and understanding.  Universal Love is a place of healing, respite and acceptance, where we can safely express all we are feeling, thinking and experiencing so that we can ascertain where truth and our true self, higher self lies. 

Self Acceptance:  Even though we are born, complete and loved, we can as we journey through life, loose our sense of love of self and our understanding of who we are.   We are not meant to be perfect, we are born imperfect.  This is our unique self, our real self, our true self.   In our quest to be loved, to fit in, to be accepted, we loose touch with the reality of who we are and the our natural inner beauty.  There is no need to hide from yourself and every reason to embrace who you are.  This channelled essential oil, with healing crystals, is the perfect Elixir to help you on your Spiritual and Energetic Healing.

Self Belief:  Different events in our life can rob us of our basic sense of self and our believe in our ability to manage and live to the greatest extent our lives as we would wish them to be.  At different times in our life you can feel that you are not enough, that you do not have what it takes to live a full filled life.  You have within you or around you all that you need.  Do you know how to access it? Do you believe that it can be there for you?  Perhaps, but you are and can be the creator of your life.  This channelled elixir of essential oils, crystals and with mantras will help you build and rediscover the most positive sense of you that you can be.  The gentle elixir re-establishes the positive sense of self that the different events, people or aspects of your life have diminished.  Be the person you are meant to be.

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